Anal Pleasures

Question: If a man has more pleasure with sex with his wife while using anal sex toys, does that make him have homosexual tendencies? Even though he doesn't have any desire for another man and thinks that it is disgusting to see men kiss.

Our Answer: We tell couples that there is lots of freedom and latitude in sexual adventure in the bedroom for Christians. Refer to our article Sex Was God’s Idea (what’s okay?), to find the Scriptural basis for deciding what is okay before God.

We advise couples to stay away from anal play because, unlike the vagina, the anus is not designed with a lubricated layer of tissue. When there is friction, lesions and sores form more easily.

All that being said, a man’s desire for anal toys during sex does not necessarily point toward homosexual tendencies.

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Aug 04, 2011
Not at all
by: Anonymous

My ex enjoyed anal play. We dabbled in it a few times. This does not mean he is homosexual. There are erogenous zones in mens anus. So I'd just say, enjoy yourself, there's nothing wrong with it.

Nov 05, 2011
It's great to pleasure your husband
by: JeanS

I've given my husband anal pleasure using a strapon for about six of our eight years of marriage. We do it about twice a month and he loves it. We are very intimate in all the traditional ways too and this just adds a dimension that gives us both great pleasure. It took us a little time to figure it all out, but we pride ourselves in being totally honest with each other and confining our desires to OUR bed. I'd say we are probably more intimate today because we are both open and willing to please each other.

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