Tips on How to Arouse Husband

"Please say how to intimate husband..." [ arouse husband ]

From your question, we are assuming you are asking how best to arouse your husband, and proceed into foreplay. May we suggest referring to a few of the pages on our website:

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As well, try some of these ideas to arouse your husband:

  • meet him at the door in something sexy (or if you’ve got kids, surprise him this way in the privacy of your bedroom)
  • join him in the shower
  • whisper in his ear that you’re not wearing any panties
  • leave him notes (in his briefcase, in his lunch-bag, in his jacket pocket, on the car seat) about what you want to do to him later on and what you want him to do to you
  • leave a sexy message on his private voice mail
  • spend a long time kissing, first gently and then more passionately; keep your clothes on for a while and then start to undress yourself
  • make up your own fantasy story about the two of you and share it with him
  • give him a sensual massage
  • whisper in his ear that you love him and desire him
  • initiate sex in a new location (be sure it’s private though!)
  • experiment with a new position
  • ask him what new thing he’d like to try during sex

Take the initiative, be passionate, and have fun!

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