How Do I Arouse My Husband?

Question: Arousal Tips for Wives to Use
"How do I arouse my husband?"

Answer: Does your husband have difficulty getting or keeping an erection during lovemaking? If he has this problem, it will certainly make it difficult for him to become aroused. Encourage him to visit his doctor because there are medical conditions that might be causing this problem and the doctor may be able to offer solutions.

If not, then ask yourself, “Have I been respecting my husband especially through my words and tone of voice?” If not, this will definitely keep your husband from becoming aroused by you. Just like you need to feel loved and cherished, he needs to feel respected and honored. Let him know you are proud of him, appreciate him, and so glad he is your husband!

For ideas to use on a daily basis, let me list just a few for you to try:

  • meet him at the door in something sexy (or if you’ve got kids, surprise him this way in the privacy of your bedroom)
  • join him in the shower
  • whisper in his ear that you’re not wearing any panties
  • leave him notes (in his briefcase, in his lunch-bag, in his jacket pocket, on the car seat) about what you want to do to him later on and what you want him to do to you
  • leave a sexy message on his private voice mail
  • spend a long time kissing, first gently and then more passionately; keep your clothes on for a while and then start to undress yourself
  • make up your own fantasy story about the two of you and share it with him
  • give him a sensual massage
  • whisper in his ear that you love him and desire him
  • initiate sex in a new location (be sure it’s private though!)
  • experiment with a new position
  • ask him what new thing he’d like to try during sex

Take the initiative, be passionate, and have fun!

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