Boyfriend Can’t Make Up His Mind

"I am an 18 year old girl dating a guy of 25. He has quit several times and after wards begs to come back which I accept; problem is I don’t know if he truly loves me like he says he does. He was born January 31st, and I was born February 15th. Please, I need your response 2 know if he is truly in love with me."


There are many, many things we don’t know about your relationship that would be better indicators as to whether this man loves you. Here’s what we do know:

“… He has broken off the relationship several times.” Obviously, he doesn’t know what he wants, and is not anywhere ready for the commitment necessary for a serious relationship.

“… after wards begs to come back which I accept.” You seem desperate! It doesn’t really matter how many times he leaves, it seems to me you will always accept him back: You are far too easy on him! If he leaves again, make sure he knows you won’t accept him back!

“… He was born January 31st, and I was born February 15th.” We suspect that you are making reference to your astrological signs. Personally, we don’t care at all about what astrological signs you have. Your relationship is not dependent on the stars. It is dependent on your character, and your ability to love each other sacrificially.

From where we sit, we think it’s time for the boyfriend to move on! Then, to help you gain a healthy perspective on relationships, we recommend that you read Every Woman’s Battle by Shannon Ethridge.

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