Can't keep an erection

My husband and I have been married for 7 years and have enjoyed wonderful sex. Lately he has found it hard to keep hard and firm during intercourse. He'll start off good but even after 15-20 minutes he's not large at all. It's been hard to know what to do as we haven't experienced anything like this before. Any ideas?

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Has anything changed in your relationship just recently? Would there be any emotional barrier existing between you that has come up lately? Is everything okay with your husband’s relationship with you? with God?

Sexual intimacy is the place where emotion, spirit, intellect, and body of two individuals intersect; any area of trouble, guilt, stress, or shame will impact the sexual experience.

  • Are there unresolved issues between you in your relationship?

  • Is your husband involved in pornography?

  • Has stress taken more of a place in your lives recently?
If there is no possible clue found in these other areas, then consult your doctor to find a medical reason.

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Feb 18, 2011
Erection problems?
by: Frank

Since there is no indication of his age, I would suggest to no only consult counseling, but he should most DEFINITELY consult his Primary Care Physician, to be checked for diabetes. He should also request a referral to a Cardiologist.
From my personal experience....the narrowing of the veins and arteries that feed into the male sex organs, are the first one to show signs of cholesterol buildup and narrowing of the arteries.
Although I never suffered from Diabetes, I did experience a heart attack at age of 58, and I recall experiencing occasional bouts of ED problems.


Jan 24, 2013
by: Anonymous

I went to the doctor about ED. He did a blood check and said my cholestrol level had risen to 6. I always thought it was 3 but that was from a finger prick test which I understand is not accurate. My heart and blood pressure were fine. I also have a lot of excercise.

I think I have located the problem in a rise of chocolates eaten, too much hard cheese sandwiches that my wife makes and margarine.

I have stopped chocolates since then. Neither do I spread any marge or butter on my toast. That and generally watching what I eat might do the trick but I will check it again in three months time.

He did give me a prescription Cialis but I am not sure about that. Might try one to see how it goes but I'd rather do it through diet.

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