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What do we do after an affair?

Our Answer:
We are not professional marriage counselors so we are hesitant to answer. We would suggest the following be part of restoring your relationship with your spouse:

* The offending spouse needs to confess to their mate.

* The offended spouse needs to practice forgiveness.

* Seek professional counseling that deals specifically with marital affairs.

* Completely cut off all ties with the person the spouse had an affair with. This will help build trust.

Here is a link to a site that may prove to be helpful: After the Affair Please note that we have not read the downloadable book offered on this site, but it seems it could be beneficial. That book is titled "Infidelity Crisis: How to Gain Forgiveness and Respect After Your Affair".

The author of the book also has a blog. Her blog posts may be worthwhile reading as well. Katie's Infidelity Blog

This page lists more resources available for couples who have experienced infidelity: Resources

And finally, here is another resource with a lot of links to other helps: Marriage on the Rocks-Try Again

Our prayer is that both you and your spouse will not only survive the affair but your relationship will solidify more than ever as you work at rebuilding trust!

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Nov 26, 2010
Another article to read
by: Jim and Carrie

Here is an article from our website that may be helpful: Marital Affair

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