Developing Intimacy
Intimacy 101: A Primer

Intimacy 101 is the back-to-basics approach to developing intimacy and includes a practical guide of 60 ways to deepen intimacy in your marriage. This is the definitive handbook on helping your marriage become deeper, more exciting, and hotter than it’s ever been before!

Dare to apply what you learn in Intimacy 101 and deeper communication, more exciting sex, and the most satisfying emotional connection you’ve ever experienced in your marriage will be yours!

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  • How can you and your spouse be different from other couples you know who are struggling in their relationship?
  • Do you want a marriage that will never slip into the doldrums?
  • Are you able to experience a continuously improving marriage?

Jim and Carrie Gordon of have worked with engaged and married couples, taught marriage preparation courses, spoken at marriage seminars and conferences, and led small group venues. With over 29 years of marriage, and nine children, Jim and Carrie have lived out the principles and suggestions in their new e-book. Jim and Carrie say that fulfillment, sex, and communication in their relationship are better than ever before!

Intimacy 101 will

  • Assist you to understand the assault on intimacy in our culture
  • Help you see the four areas of intimacy
  • Provide 60 practical tips and strategies to help husbands and wives as they work on developing intimacy in each of the four areas

Intimacy’s four dimensions: sexual, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional are explained fully—with ideas on how to increase connection while deepening and developing intimacy in each of these areas.

What we are providing in Intimacy 101 are practical helps—time-tested, and reliable—that are worth-their-weight-in-gold, because they work!

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Intimacy 101 is for married couples, young and old

  • Losing their zest for marriage and life
  • Looking for a deeper connection
  • Longing for more fulfilling sex

Here's a sneak peek at a few of the "60 Ways" included in Intimacy 101

  • Developing Spiritual Intimacy: Pray for your spouse throughout the day.
  • Developing Emotional Intimacy: Agree to speak in lower, softer tones when you are in conflict.
  • Developing Intellectual Intimacy: Look for opportunities to compliment your spouse on their thoughtful opinion—privately and publicly.
  • Developing Sexual Intimacy: Ask your partner what they like, and what doesn’t work for them during sex.

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