Enhance Sex with the Use of Sexual Aids

“Must Have” Sexual Aids!

Sexual aids are tools to enhance sex and improve your sexual techniques with your partner. They are a fun and enriching part of a satisfying sex life.

Most couples think of sex toys when referring to marital aids, but be sure you make use of this list of simple aids to help create a pleasurable and gratifying sexual relationship with your spouse:

Basic tools to encourage intimacy

  • personal lubricant… don’t allow dryness to cause your partner pain
  • toothpaste/toothbrush and/or mouthwash … “fresh kisses”
  • soap/shampoo… personal hygiene is so important
  • shaver … stubble can be abrasive to her skin
  • hair conditioner… try using it on your beard to keep it soft (for those with full beards)
  • unscented baby wipes… use either before, during, or after sex
  • condoms and your choice of contraceptive

Tools to excite him!

  • intimate lingerie… remember, he is especially stimulated by what he sees
  • mirrors… you may want to close your eyes, but his will be wide open!
  • perfume… stir some of his other senses!
Aids to relax her…
  • low lighting… lightly scented candles could be very effective!
  • ultimate privacy… locked door, phones turned off
  • proper room temperature… if it’s too cold she’ll want to stay under the covers
  • mood music… what genre does she prefer?
  • massage oil… or rouse his senses when using it on him!

Improve sex with your spouse! Your sexual relationship can move from good to great just by using these practical, simple sexual aids.

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