Erectile Dysfunction

by Elane
(Panama City, FLorida)

Question: My husband and I have a wonderful relationship, but in the bedroom is where it’s lacking. He says that he actually has a problem with arousal. We don’t have insurance so going to a doctor is out right now. What, if any thing, could we try at home to fix this problem??

Our Answer:
Arousal for men is primarily visual--but that function is, of course, filtered through the brain. Consequently, arousal--or lack of arousal--is often a mental state! Arousal could be hindered by lots of things:

  • medical issues (illness/disease, medication side effects...)

  • obesity can alter your hormonal balance, possibly diminishing desire; clogged arteries contribute to conditions like erectile dysfunction.

  • stray thoughts (one reader witnessed the birth of their child, and had a negative association with intimacy!)

  • guilt

  • bitterness, unforgiveness, and anger
To help deal with the lack of arousal, we suggest you have some honest communication and talk through some of these issues to see if any of them are a problem. As well, why don’t you both read through an article we have relating to barriers to intimacy?

Another reader (a wife) was also looking for tips to arouse her husband: her issues were different, but there may be something in our detailed answer that might also benefit you. Check out her question and our answer.

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