Female Ejaculation -- Squirting during Orgasm

Question (submitted by a woman)
"I want to know why I do not squirt when I am having an orgasm."

For the vast majority of women, there are two possible types of orgasms:

  • clitoral orgasms (much more common) that result from stimulation of the clitoris,
  • and vaginal orgasms that involve stimulation of the wife’s g-spot.

Female ejaculation or “squirting” can occur when a wife is having a vaginal orgasm. Time needs to be spent exploring and experimenting. It is important when you do experiment, make sure foreplay is lengthy, and you keep talking and communicating with each other about what feels good to you!

You also need to know that not all women ejaculate. Some studies indicate that as few as 10% of women experience ejaculation.

For more information, check out the following article that discusses locating a woman's g-spot.

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