Q and A:  Female Sex Questions

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Female Ejaculation 
"I want to know why I do not squirt when I am having an orgasm..." ...more

A Wife Wants More Sex Than Her Husband 
"Why does my husband have such a hard time committing to being intimate with me?..."  ...more

A Wife is Frustrated and Feels Ignored When it Comes to Sex 
"My partner is least interested in sex but he justifies it with his low sex desire and that he is tired most of the time, so he gives excuses all the times for not having it. I feel frustrated for being ignored and helpless...."  ...more

Arousal Tips for Wives to Use 
"How do I arouse my husband?"  ...more

Question about Stimulating Her G-Spot
"I've found my wife's g-spot: she says I hit it during intercourse, but then..."  ...more

Question about Lack of Sexual Confidence
"When my fiance and I are getting ready to be intimate with one another, I get extremely nervous ..."  ...more

Question about Arousing Husband
"Please say how to intimate husband..."  ...more

Question about Dry and Painful Sex
"It is starting to hurt when I have sex..."  ...more

Question about Kissing No Longer a Turn-On
"I used to get turned on with just kissing but now I don't anymore..."  ...more

Question about Husband Too Tired for Sex
"My husband and I used to get together 3 times a week, and now for quite a while, his work is ..."  ...more 

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Sexy Pictures 
Question: As a christian wife, is it okay to send naked pictures of myself to my husband?
Our Answer: The important question to ask is not …

My Husband Doesn't Seem to Want Sex With Me 
I don't think that my husband loves to do sex with me.
Our Answer: With such a short question, we're not sure what exactly you mean... so let us …

No orgasm during intercourse Not rated yet
Question: My husband and I have a great sex life. He is very conscientious about making sure that I orgasm, usually during foreplay. I have never …

I have no feelings during sex with my wife? Please help me? Not rated yet
Question: I have no feelings during sex with my wife? My wife also same. Please help me.
Our Answer: Without knowing anything about you, your …

Know About First Time Sex Not rated yet
Question When a boy and a girl have sex for the first time, is it possible to know it is their first time? How do we know a girl is having sex …

Sex Positioning Not rated yet
Question: Do you have any good suggestions for overweight people to best have sexual relations?
Our Answer: Sexual orientations could include...

Limitations Not rated yet
Question: Is anal sex with your spouse wrong?
Our Answer: There is nothing said about anal sex between a husband and a wife in the Bible. The …

Confidence/Low self esteem Not rated yet
Question: I've been with my partner for nearly 5 years. Everything in our relation is pretty good apart from sex. Recently, I've developed really …

Pathetic Sex Not rated yet
Question: I've been with my boyfriend for 14 years. Our sex life is not good for me. He can give me sex for about 4 minutes or less and there is no …

Oral Sex Not rated yet
Question: Hello, I am christian and married for 12 years now. We have been having oral sex and not really sure if it's a sin. I am kind of shy to ask …

Masturbation Not rated yet
Question: How often does female masturbate?
Our Answer: We apologize that we're not clear on what you mean by this question... Not all …

Female orgasm at an advanced age Not rated yet
Question: I had a radical prostectomy several years ago so penetrating sex is out for me. I would like to renew our sexual relationship. Can a woman …

She doesn't like me touching her Not rated yet
Why doesn't my partner like me to touch her breasts or vagina at all any time?
Our Answer: Rather than becoming upset, it's necessary that you exercise …

Where to get games... Not rated yet
I'm not sure if it's ok to go to adult stores to look for games for my wife and I. I haven't said anything to her about it yet but I would like to know …

G-spot move? Not rated yet
I think that I found my wife's G-spot, but sometimes it seems farther in than other times. So does it move or maybe what I'm feeling isn't it? Our …

Vaginal Entry Not rated yet
I haven't had sex in 20 years. The man I am with can't penetrate as if there's a block. It's very frustrating.
Our Answer: It may be that you have …

Suspect Homosexual Past  Not rated yet
My husband was a bachelor for 44 yrs. and had several gay friends. He is not turned on by touching my body but only responds to complete satisfaction with …

Difficulty Having Orgasms Not rated yet
I am having problems having an orgasm when I make love with my husband. Can someone help please? I feel like I'm not making my husband happy when we make …

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