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Me and my husband have been married for several years. We both feel like our marriage is good, but would like for it to be better. One problem I have (which I have not shared with him) is getting turned off now by open mouth (or french) kissing him because it feels too wet, like the whole outside of my mouth has been slobbered on. In the early years of our marriage, I LOVED to french kiss him because he didn't do this! But now when I see other people open mouth kissing (in movies mainly) I get envious because I want it again but minus the extra slobber. He is a very sensitive person so I don't want to hurt his feelings, but would like some advice on how to tell him without hurting him.

Thank you

Our Answer:
Take hope! Things can change, and even slobbery kisses can dry up with the right coaching! Honesty is always the best policy--although how you communicate the honesty is vital!

Why not try reading our Intimate Couple articles, How to French Kiss? In that article, we refer to eight tips for learning French Kissing. Below is point #6:

Tongue Exploration
With the assurance that your spouse is enjoying French kissing, try opening your mouth wider and moving your tongue a little more into their mouth. The key is mutual exploration—what does your partner enjoy? Too much, too far, too fast, too wet—all are turn-offs that can make this type of open mouth kissing unpleasant. Because this open mouth kissing produces a lot of saliva, remember to swallow occasionally.

Read this aloud with your husband, and remark something like:

“Sweetheart, I think I love French kissing with you more when it’s not so wet, I find it difficult to really get into the experience with so much saliva.... here, let’s try right now, and I’ll show you exactly how I like it!”
Then start your demonstration with some enthusiasm! Initiate the kissing, and take charge. Don’t allow him time to be offended--start the passion! You may be surprised...

All The Best!

Jim and Carrie

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