Good Relationship Advice for Engaged and Married Couples

Real Questions, Honest Answers: Volume 2 is filled with good relationship advice and is a follow-up to our first e-Book on Questions and Answers. The real-life questions and Bible-based, honest answers are just what our readers want and need!

It seems through the practical problems and issues that other couples go through—we find a window into our own relationships as we learn more about God’s design for sex and marriage. The truth is—we all need help!

Here are some examples of the more than 60 questions contained in this exciting e-Book: good relationship advice

  • I've been dating my boyfriend for half a year now; somehow the level of our spiritual life is different…
  • I'm a virgin and all my friends are having sex. What do I do? I want to wait until I'm married, but there’s so much peer pressure…
  • My fiancée wants me to hold her or be with her and tell her that I love her, but she doesn't want to be intimate in any sexual way…
  • My wife is so hurt and mad from years of rejection... she wants out…what can I do?
  • We have had a lack of intimacy the past couple of months, and I got a big idea and tried to pull a very stupid stunt…
  • How can I prepare my virgin wife for sex when she was molested as a child…
  • I understand most of your counsel. But my wife is worried about what kind of sex acts are allowable within marriage in our religion?”
  • I do not find my husband attractive in a sexual way and cannot stand him touching me - even a kiss on the lips is distasteful to me. How can I fix this?
  • Is it selfish to want manual or oral stimulation before sex every time? I only orgasm with oral or manual stimulation, but I'm afraid to ask my husband for it…
  • My husband and I (both born again Christians, married nearly 2 years) found your website and think it's amazing. We have recently enjoyed new sexual experiences due to reading your website--working at foreplay and exploring the G-spot. However… my husband has performance anxiety problems, which in turn is taking our focus from just enjoying sex. Do you have any advice in this area?

What Real Questions, Honest Answers: Volume 2 means to us:

  • each question represents a couple—a man and woman with struggles that we can often help with!
  • we make sure to pray for the couples, and for wisdom to apply God’s Word in their unique situations

The marriage relationship is the most wonderful bond possible between a man and a woman! But it doesn’t always come easy: both partners must be willing to continually learn how to be better spouses, husbands, wives, friends, soul—mates, companions, and lovers.

We’ve organized the questions with our answers into categories to make it simpler for you to find good relationship advice that you are specifically interested in. If you have a question of your own that hasn’t been addressed in this e-book, we suggest that you contact us through our website. We’ll answer your question and include it (anonymously, of course) in a future e-Book—Volume 3!good relationship advice

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