Growing Apart

Question: My girlfriend and I just broke up a little while ago and she keeps telling me I have to change and that I do not have faith anymore. I really do not know what she is talking about and she says that I am always making her mad. We have been dating for almost 3 years and now it seems that she is growing away from me and it seems like there are so many secrets now and I cannot get her to talk to me at all. When I ask her what is wrong or if she wants to talk she either says nothing is wrong or she has nothing to talk about. I hope you can provide me with advice on how to fix this so we can be together again and live a happy life.

Our Answer: We’re sorry, but without more detailed information we can’t really comment on your relationship very well. We would suggest the following:

Sit down with your girlfriend, and go over the questions that are listed in the two articles from our website that are listed below. These questions are for married couples, or for those who aren’t married yet. It is apparent from your question that you and your girlfriend are not communicating properly and you have to decide whether you are compatible with each other.

By answering these questions together, you will be able to discuss and talk with each other…this will be a good step forward!

Check out these articles together:

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