How to get my girlfriend to fall back in love with me?

by Xav C

Question: Me and my girlfriend have been going sour for a year and a month and we have been in love with each other for about 9 months and last week she said she is not in love with me anymore. What do I do to get her to fall back in love with me?

Our Answer: Seeing that we have no idea about you, it’s pretty hard to provide the advice you’re looking for. It may simply be a case that after she has spent time with you, she realizes that she doesn’t like you.

In terms of general comments, the best thing you can do is two-fold:

  1. Work on developing your character. Try to be the best man you can be. That will help you be a better boyfriend!

  2. Focus on cherishing your girlfriend. Cherishing means you place a very high value on her, and treat her in very special way so that she knows you care for her more than anyone else.

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