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by Daniel
(Killeen, Texas US)

Question: Is it wrong to have sex in other locations than the bedroom?

Our Answer: The simple, straightforward answer is. "No!" You can have sex in any room that you want, provided there's no one else around--and no chance of being caught or interrupted.

At first, your question seemed a little odd to us... however, a deeper issue that might be reflected in your question may relate to the idea of guilt or shame being associated with sex.

Sex between a husband and a wife is designed by God to be a celebration! It is an expression of love, care, and commitment. After all, God made sex, and He made it fun! Consider the Song of Solomon lovers who steal away to the garden!

If, however, sex is not viewed in this way--if there's some shame associated with it (for whatever reason), then there might be more concern about "where" and "how" and "when" that others may not think too much about.

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