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Josh, Sarah, Carrie, and Jim

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Hi, and welcome to The-Intimate-Couple.com! It's truly grand to have you here! If you've spent any time browsing the site already, you'll already know our archives are packed with relevant, honest advice and insight on all things sex, marriage, and relationships. Yep, that's what we do; each time you check back with us, you'll continue to encounter concise, inspiring stuff!

The-Intimate-Couple.com, founded in 2007, began as the personal vision of Jim and Carrie Gordon. Lead Pastors at a church here in Canada, Jim and Carrie draw from both their 32 years of awesome marriage (the full, uncensored account of their engagement is here) and their experiences counseling countless other couples.

Recently, a second couple has joined the Intimate Couple team, bringing a unique perspective and fresh voice. Joshua and Sarah Gordon have been married seven years and have three young daughters.

Jim and Carrie have been married for 32 years and have 9 (that's right, 9) kids! As you can surmise, this has uniquely positioned them to share loads of highly excellent thoughts about sex! Jim and Carrie get super-inspired by challenging others to grow in their marriages! 

Josh and Sarah have been married for seven years; in that time, they've moved 6 times, had three kids, and mourned the loss of 1 pet. Okay, okay, the 'pet thing' doesn't necessarily qualify them to contribute to a web-site about sex and marriage. However, their passion for marriage and great sex does.

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