Is it okay for a wife to dress and dance seductively for her husband?

Is it ok for my wife to dress seductively and dance for me and me alone in private?

Our Answer:

Sure, it is! A wife who understands how her husband becomes aroused especially by what he sees will find creative ways to display her body to her husband. Why is dressing seductively, dancing, or even doing a strip-tease okay for a wife to do in private for her husband? Because she is drawing her husband's attention to her own body, no one else's. It's like she's presenting her body ... gift-wrapped! to her husband for his pleasure!

There are many women who are uncomfortable putting their bodies on display for their husbands in these ways. Reasons may include:

  • she associates dressing provocatively and dancing sensually with the negative porn industry

  • she experienced sexual abuse where her abuser demanded she perform

  • she is uncomfortable with her own body (perhaps she doesn't feel confident about her weight, her aging body, etc.)

  • these sexual actions were part of her past sinful lifestyle

It is important that a husband never demand his wife perform for him in ways she is uncomfortable. Do spend time talking together about what you'd like but also try to understand why she is uncomfortable about it.

Good reading for women who want to become more confident in the bedroom is Shannon Ethridge's book Sexually Confident Wife. There are simple things you, the husband, can do too to help your wife feel more confident while she performs for you ...provide some appropriate music and low lighting, for example.

We'd recommend you thoughtfully read our article about the important Godly commands and principles to be applied in a sexual marriage relationship.

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