Lack of Sexual Confidence

Question: [ Lack of sexual confidence ]
When my fiance and I are getting ready to be intimate with one another, I get extremely nervous and I feel like I am unable to make him happy in bed. How can I become more confident in bed with him?

We strongly advise that intimacy be reserved for marriage. It is the security and commitment of the marriage relationship that provides the context needed for sex. One of a woman's greatest needs is security. Once you and your fiance are married, whether consciously or unconsciously, you will have a greater sense of security that allows you to be vulnerable with him despite your natural insecurities. Of course, any two consenting adults can have sex--but it is only marriage that provides the healthy forum for sexual intimacy!

All the latest research confirms that couples that live together--have sex--before marriage have a greater tendency to have marriage problems afterward. Nervousness and hesitation before sex is natural--wait until you're married, and your feelings will change!

Some wives experience inhibitions and a lack of confidence even after their wedding day. It is important to discover the underlying reasons why a wife feels insecure. Read these articles to help you with that:
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May we also recommend you read Shannon Ethridge's book "The Sexually Confident Wife". You can read more about Shannon's book at her website.

We wish you all the best for your upcoming wedding and marriage!

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