Living Together Before Marriage

My soon to be husband believes that it is not sinful to live together because he has chosen me to be his wife. I have asked him to look at what God has to say about it and he says that marriage is just legal red tape...Help!

Our Answer:
Your boyfriend should try his explanation on a police man who wants to see his driver's licence--or his passport! A simple piece of paper--or red tape-- can have great significance!

When a man talks like this, consider it a warning signal! Is he more interested in enjoying the pleasure of the sexual relationship than in preparing himself to be the best husband for you? Be sure to talk together about commitment and what you expect from a marriage relationship. We suggest you read the following articles together:

Questions to Ask Your Partner
Keep in mind the questions under "Sexual Intimacy" are intended for married couples.

Questions to Ask Before Marriage

What Constitutes Marriage

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