Long Distance Sex?

by Pam
(wilmington nc)

My husband and I have been married 25 years. We are in our early 40's and my husband is now Military and living 400 miles away from me.... although he comes home monthly, we have pleasured ourselves by making love over the phone. Of course this involves masturbation. Is this wrong? We have both discussed it and feel comfortable with it but we don't want to if its something God would not approve of.

Our Answer:

There are two main concepts that make masturbation harmful:

1. The tendency to lust after someone who is not your spouse, and then
2. The natural result of drawing away from your spouse.

In your case, these cautions would not apply! In fact, masturbating while having explicit sexual conversation with your husband on the phone will actually help keep the two of you close and develop emotional and sexual intimacy between the two of you despite the physical distance apart.

So, in your specific situation, masturbation would be totally okay! Good for the two of you being creative to find a way to meet one another's needs even though your husband is away!

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Dec 06, 2011
masterbation during phone talking

When husband and wife are away from each other due to a necessary job work, if they have a strong sexual desire, masturbation during phone talking is the best source to relax each other and fulfill the sextual desire. This is totaly healthy if you do it weekly. Keep yourself alone in the room and talk to your spouse on phone about your sex, love and poses that you used when both of you were together. It is good for both of you because your mind is always in touch with each other and not going to any other women/men. This is best method to keep love alive. It also shows that you have a true love for your spouse.

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