Lots of Simple Romantic Expressions of Love

by Kavita

I like to make a card to leave next to the coffee pot on Valentine's Day. This is the first place that my love goes in the morning. Once he makes coffee I know that in all likelihood, his next stop in the morning will be his computer. I will make him something that will go along with his coffee like a cinnamon roll with a heart on it and place it on his desk. In the evening I will prepare a special meal that I plan to serve with candlelight. I will look for some music on my computer so that I can create a special CD to enjoy listening to during the evening. Sometime I will rent a movie that we can enjoy together. These are things that I know he will appreciate and love and they are inexpensive. It's about things from the heart and taking time out from our busy schedules to recognize that we all need attention. It will give our relationship a boost and make that special love feel fresh and new.

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