Love Games for Your Marriage

Every marriage could be enriched through love games!

These special marriage games enhance communication and infuse a healthy dose of fun into relationships that may have grown tired and worn! With mounting pressures, responsibilities, and stresses, the fun factor is usually the first casualty! Couples need to protect their fun times—that rejuvenate a relationship—through love games. Howard Markman, a psychologist who co-directs the University's Center for Marital and Family Studies at the University of Denver says:

  • The more you invest in fun and friendship and being there for your partner, the happier the relationship will get over time.
  • The correlation between fun and marital happiness is high, and significant.
Love and marriage games are designed to stimulate conversation, laughter, and the bonding that defines the dynamic between best friends. In fact, many of these love games include fun, sexual activities for couples: love making games that mix friendship, sexual enticement, talking, and loads of laughter! This is marital intimacy at its best.

Findings published in 2000 in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology:

  • sharing in new and exciting activities is consistently associated with better relationships
  • individual leisure activities, such as watching TV or using the Internet, don't build those positive connections
Since intimacy and friendship for a man is built on shared activity, but for women, shared activity is a backdrop for a great conversation.
How can we simply develop intimacy and friendship for couples together?
The answer? Love and marriage games! Intimacy is developed through fun, conversation, and mutual interest. These love games can easily develop into love making games!

Marriage Games That Can Be Purchased

  • A Private Affair is an excellent tool to promote conversation, and develop intimacy: intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and sexual.
    Check out a review at our marriage resources page.
  • Bliss is a computer romance game designed to help couples explore the sexual aspect of their relationships by encouraging communication and openness. The goal of Bliss is to help long term couples strengthen and enhance their relationships. Unlike many sexually oriented games, Bliss focuses on romance, love, and intimacy rather than blatant and sometimes offensive sexuality. Bliss is full of unique and innovative romantic ideas. Check out more information at this website.
  • To Know You Better™ is a fun game for couples - dating, engaged, or married - to get to know each other better. The 240 cards, divided into 4 categories, will keep you laughing as you answer questions on a variety of topics. The game does not involve any physical intimacy, and the cards are carefully written to avoid discussions that might be embarrassing or uncomfortable. This game is available at
  • Fan the Flames: A Game of Romance & Fantasy--for Two! This romantic game is perfect for any two people who want to light the fires of romance and keep them burning brightly! Players will have fun discovering each other's romantic preferences and sharing each other's fantasies. This game is also available at
  • An Enchanting Evening Game Add spice, romance, and flirty fun! Intimate board game for married couples includes 100 activity cards, 25 wish cards, and two game pieces. The game just sets the stage, it's the players that make it an Enchanted Evening. This game has received good reviews from customers and can be purchased from
  • Romantic Games eBook. For one of the best resources for fun, playful, naughty, sexy, romantic love games, check out this eBook. It is guaranteed to bring back the fun and playfulness into your bedroom. A must have for any romantic couple! Check out 100 Great Sex Games for Couples here.

Love Games Described

We’ve taken some of the many great love games described in 100 Great Sex Games For Couples and listed them below as Love Games!

Romantic Word Scrabble Game Play like normal except only words that are romantic can be used. If you are questioned about the "romanticness" of the word you used, prove its romantic value by using it in a sentence. That part alone is half the fun!

Play Othello with Kissing Rules! Suggest playing the game Othello. Halfway through suggest making it a little more interesting. For the number of tokens they flip over they get to kiss you that many times wherever they wish. We don't think we have ever finished that game!

A Love Puzzle Buy a Puzzle (about 100 pieces) and assemble it. Turn it over and write a romantic message on the back. Take it apart. Have a candle light dinner and present it to your partner. Let them know that there is a message waiting for them.

Romantic Body Painting Crayola makes the best washable paints, and they're not only for kids! Lay out some plastic on the floor or bed and have a variety of colors of washable paints handy. Light some candles and have a blast using each other as a canvas. It's so much fun being creative with each other, and the clean up is pretty fun too!

Romantic Dice Game Take a pair of dice and make two lists: one with body parts (mouth, toes, etc) and one with actions (kiss, squeeze, etc.) assigning each a number 1-6. Take turns rolling the dice, then match up the numbers for a fun and very unpredictable evening!

Trail of Love One night, when least expected, buy a dozen roses. Before your special someone comes home, take each petal off the rose and lay them down one by one leading up the stairs to your bed with champagne, scented candles and you waiting on the bed.

A Romantic Cure! Take an empty aspirin bottle, and give label it, "Romance Medicine - take as needed." Then write 50 or so love notes and sexy ideas that could be taken anytime that a cure is needed!

Love Making Games

We’ve taken some of the many great games described in 100 Great Sex Games For Couples and listed them below as Love Making Games!

Strip Poker Okay, this one is a gimme, but it's great fun! After every round the loser has to take off something that they are wearing. Make the stakes higher by making the chips worth sexual favors when they're cashed in.

Erotic Game of Love Cards Take a deck of 52 cards. Assign each card a thing to do. For example, Aces get a kiss. Shuffle the deck and spread the cards out. You and your partner take turns drawing cards. Whatever the card says to do, your lover must do. Be creative with your ideas! Have fun!

Bedroom Antics You will need several small sized bits of card or paper (card is best) to make this playing deck.

Split the paper/card into two equal piles. On the pile write body parts (e.g. lips, feet, nipples, etc.) On the other pile write suggestive actions (e.g. kiss, lick, squeeze, etc.) The more unusual the suggestions, the better! Keep the two piles separate.

Each partner takes their turn to choose one card from each pile, and whatever combination they get they have to perform what it suggests on their partner. This game, though very sexy can be very funny too, especially after a bottle of wine! Have fun!

Strip Checkers First both you and your mate write down a fantasy of yours on a slip of paper. Make sure that each of you is only wearing 4 items of clothing. Woman: shirt, bra, panties, and pants. Man: shirt, undershirt, boxers, and pants. Then play normal checkers. But when you jump one of you lover's pieces you take off one of their pieces of clothing until both of you are naked. Next (once you are both naked) if you jump one of your lover's pieces you choose something to do to them or choose something for them to do to you. The game goes until one of you wins and the person that wins gets their fantasy to be a reality. This is perfect for making up or rekindling your love life.

Having fun with your spouse as you play a love game, marriage game, or love making game is sure to help deepen intimacy while you playfully spend time in intimate conversation and touching. Take time out of your busy, hectic lifestyle to play a love game today!

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