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Is it wrong of me to want to make a video of my wife and me for our personal use?

Our Answer:
There is nothing wrong with making a video...but we think this is the wrong question to be asking! This question (and many others like it) are part of a larger question: How Do We Know What's OK in the Bedroom? (For a full response, check out the entire article: Christian Views on Sex.)

The other, more important questions to ask are:

  1. Does my wife have any reservations about making a movie of our lovemaking?

  2. Will there be insecurities about the movie being found accidentally by other people? (Hey, this is how scandals start in Hollywood almost every day!!)
The fact that you are asking the question may indicate that you think movie making is a great idea, and your wife thinks it's a bad idea--and you're looking for some moral support to convince your wife! If this is the case, you may want to rethink starting this new part-time hobby...never force your wife to violate her conscience and do something she doesn't want to do--it will always backfire!

It's not our business to decide what you and your wife should do in your bedroom. To any husband finding himself trying to convince his wife to try something a little out of the ordinary, this would be our list of suggestions:
  1. Carefully and together read the article we referenced earlier... Christian Views on Sex.

  2. This can easily lead into an open discussion about "What's okay". Both of you need to consider the "What's Good For Both Principle" as well as the "Give and Take Principle".

  3. Based on your conversation--make a mutual decision. One thing is sure: the more you can talk openly about your sexuality--the better your sex will be!
As the husband, the key to awesome sex is leading a life of selfless service for your wife, and developing intimacy (See the article: Intimacy and Sex). Believe us when we say, it's worth the effort!

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