My Husband's Intimacy and Trust Issues

My husband has intimacy and trust issues. He is very insecure and inexperienced, doesn't like to try new things, does not know how to make love to a woman or show any kind of affection. He hasn't had a lot of past relationships and the ones he's had have been bad. What do we do?

Our Answer:
The best thing you can do is have open dialogue with your husband. (Be sure you share how you feel rather then making statements that accuse him. If you do, it is doubtful he will really "listen".)

Many women avoid telling their husbands what they like and don't like their husbands to do for them (especially in regards to sex). Husbands who love their wives but are inexperienced often just need their wives to tell them what they like. Those husbands are usually very willing to please their wives!

Asking questions of one another, is often a very effective way to begin dialogue. Why not begin by using these questions found by clicking her?

Asking probing questions can seem threatening! And so, it’s of the utmost importance that the reason for the questions is not to interrogate—but to understand. When we understand each other—we can better love each other!

Another suggestion is that you read articles together from our site. The following articles would help!

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All these articles stress the idea that a husband needs to be focused on meeting the needs of his wife.

One more thought: Don't hesitate to keep showing affection to your husband both in and out of the bedroom. This along with the other suggestions may help him begin to respond back in the ways that he's learned please you.

We wish you and your husband all the best!

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