My Married Life

by Vibha

Question: I got married on 4 July 2010 and my husband doesn’t love me because he isn’t interested anymore, but I love him. He is abroad and I want him back. What should I do?

Our Answer: Obviously, with so little background of your relationship history, we can only speak in generalities. Here are a few thoughts to consider:

  1. You haven’t even been married a year! Either your husband has such poor character that he has given up on his marriage, or else you both have let important things slip. The sexual component of a marriage is like super-glue--one of the things that binds the relationship together. Husbands connect emotionally through sex. If that is missing, he may emotionally drift away from you. Please note, we are not saying this response is right or proper; we’re just saying this is a natural occurrence in relationships!

  2. Nothing happens without honest, caring communication. You have to tell your husband the way you feel, without sounding accusatory, and express your desire to restore your relationship. Ask for honest feedback--and begin the communication process.

  3. You and your husband need help. Find a Christian counselor you can receive help from.

  4. Become a student of your relationship--and your husband. Read books on marriage and relationships. Spend time reading through The Intimate Couple website--we have lots of great resources that will help you!

  5. Ask your husband to commit to an in-home, week-long marriage course together. We call it The Seven Day Sex Challenge. Honestly, we think it contains all the elements you’d need to rekindle the fire in your marriage!
    Check it out here!

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