over thinking our relationship

by John

Question: I met the girl I am with years ago. We recently (2 months plus) met again through a mutual friend. We hit it off rather quickly and started dating. Things were moving rather quickly based on our attraction towards one another and we were moving fast. To let you know, I am starting a business and finances are tough right now. I have avoided relationships for a while based on this but I thought don't push away a possible good thing based on money right now. So I went into it like always like it was my first relationship. I trust and give my all for the most part. Things were going well, and then I started hitting bumps on my side personally, which caused me to put more pressure on her. I saw changes in her demeanor and I called her on it. Bottom line, I know she cares strongly about me, but I think she is scared for a few reasons. I would like to get back to grass roots and take a stab at this properly, but it is tough at times. I don't want to push her away which I think I am, but I still believe we can have a great relationship. What should I do?

Our Answer: Every successful relationship is based on trust. And trust is best developed through healthy dialogue and conversation followed by actions that back up what was said. You need to sit down with your girlfriend and have an open talk. Express your feelings for her, and the possible strains you see on the relationship because of your business interests.

Together you need to talk through ideas to protect your relationship. To actually sit down and have this kind of conversation shows your girlfriend how much you value her and your relationship.

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