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Consider a woman starting a business that would involve investing heavily both financially and time-wise, with the understanding that at least half of the people that start similar businesses end up bankrupt? Compounding this, she decides she doesn’t need any training, and won’t take any courses to prepare herself for the challenges ahead. What would you think of her chances of success? Pretty slim?

…And yet that’s exactly what happens when couples decide to enter into marriage with no premarital counseling! How can we expect success when couples face higher stresses, greater demands and more complexities in their relationship than ever before, and yet are less prepared than ever before? With society’s high rate of divorce and fewer couples choosing to get married, it is difficult for engaged couples to find role models to mentor them in preparation for life’s most important relationship.

Premarriage preparation forces engaged couples to explore some fundamental issues like ”are we compatible?”

In addition, facing some of the more common questions that couples need to work through are all a part of premarriage preparation. ”48 questions to ask before marriage” is just one example of available resources.

Even for the wedding night itself, there can be need for advice: check out ”Honeymoon Sex Advice”.

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