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Questions Others Have Asked

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Intimacy Issues 
Question: Why does my husband not want to ejaculate inside me? We've been together for 8.5 years and married for 5...the only time he ever has is when …

Signs of an Improper Relationship 
Question: I attend church meetings and am one of the youth leaders. The Pastor's wife is about 10 years older and I have known her from a very young …

when can you tell when it's over 
Question: When can you tell when it's over? Why has she been not interested in us anymore? Our Answer: Are you married? If so, don't ever …

A Question about Sex 
Question: My husband wants sex and he does it forcibly Our Answer: First of all, what do you mean, "He does it forcibly"? If you mean that …

Question: Why does my husband like to watch lesbian porn movies during relation (sex)? Our Answer: Men are stimulated very much by what they …

Anal sex 
Question: I am a little confused on this subject. Is it okay between a man and woman or not? Our Answer: There is nothing said about anal sex …

husband less interested in sex than earlier in marriage 
My husband and I have been happily married for 13 years, and still are, but lately he just isn't interested in sex like he used to be. He used to want …

Long Distance Sex? 
My husband and I have been married 25 years. We are in our early 40's and my husband is now Military and living 400 miles away from me.... although he …

Texting intimate photos 
Is it ok to want my wife to text me private pictures while I'm at work? I would be extra extra careful to keep them only to my viewing. Here's hoping... …

French Kissing Not rated yet
Question: Me and my husband have been married for several years. We both feel like our marriage is good, but would like for it to be better. One problem …

Fertility Massage Not rated yet
Question: Just want to know... do you do fertility massage? Our Answer: Our site doesn't discuss conception and fertility.

No activity for 20 years Not rated yet
Question: We have been married 39 years. Husband is 69 and I am 59. Sex has stopped in the bedroom 20 years ago. We disconnected because of job style …

Sexual Intimacy Not rated yet
I have been married for almost 8 years and we have never had a good sexual relationship...from day one (honeymoon night) it has been bad! Now a light …

making a movie Not rated yet
Is it wrong of me to want to make a video of my wife and me for our personal use? Our Answer: There is nothing wrong with making a video...but …

Is it okay for a wife to dress and dance seductively for her husband? Not rated yet
Is it ok for my wife to dress seductively and dance for me and me alone in private? Our Answer: Sure, it is! A wife who understands how her husband …

Where Can I Find Song of Solomon Bible Studies? Not rated yet
I enjoyed your first 2 sections on the Song of Solomon. I am trying to find that same kind of thing for the rest of the book. Do you have sections on that …

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