Relationship Question

by Lasandra
(Charlotte, NC )

What if your partner tells you not to get mad because he messed up? What should I do? How should I act?

Our Answer:
Obviously your partner is responding to his conscience--and wants to confess something to you.

Personally, Carrie and I are convinced that the most powerful things in the world are forgiveness and humility. What is important is that as you forgive him, he is ready and willing to change his behaviour.

Why not read this article where there is a more full explanation about the importance of forgiveness in a relationship? Learning How to Forgive in Marriage.

In your question, it wasn't mentioned whether your partner is your husband or not. If he is not your husband, then how we answer may be different. Husbands and wives are bound together in the marriage covenant and must do everything they can to save their marriage. On the other hand, if you are not married and your partner has been sexually unfaithful to you, for example, then you need to reconsider whether you should stay with him. And so, further clarification about your situation would be necessary in order to give any more practical advice.


Jim and Carrie

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