A Romantic Invitation for Your Spouse

romantic invitation

Why not surprise your spouse with a ROMANTIC invitation to a party just for the two of you?! This is a creative way to make time for the two of you to celebrate your love!

Click on the link below to download a FREE Invitation ready to print, personalize, and give to your husband or wife.

Invitation Card

Print the card.
Fold the card in half across the width.
Fold the card in half lengthwise.
The card is ready for you to add your personal notes!

Print several copies to use throughout the coming year!

Think romance, love, and sexiness when personalizing the invitation. Here are just a few ideas to get you started!

"You are invited to our bedroom for..."

  • a delicious dessert with chocolate and whipped cream
  • a fun game of ???
  • a movie night watching your favourite romantic love story
  • a full-body massage given by me!
  • cuddling and kissing and lovemaking!

Are you artistic? Why not design your own Romantic Invitation card.

Do you prefer to use Hallmark cards? Go ahead ... and add the "You are invited..." info inside the card to give your spouse a surprise that is sure to bring a smile!

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