Romantic Love Letters to Copy

Why do we need a source of romantic love letters to copy?

Actually, we think that inside everyone of us is a true passionate lover! The problem is that we need to have “the pump primed”, and someone to come alongside and encourage us somewhat until we have a bit of confidence—and some positive feedback from that special someone we’re writing for!

Having romantic love letters to copy gives us a source to help find:

  • a mini-theme to follow in your penned note(thankfulness, joy of meeting, future dreams…)
  • an idea for a concept that perfectly captures your imagination
  • the perfect turn of a phrase
  • the ideal word
  • that descriptive sentence you’ve been searching for
Love letters that others have written are a great resource for even the aspiring “Shakespeare”s among us!

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What Other Visitors Have Said

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The love of my life 4 / ever 
I love you in good times and bad times and in sad times but you know I love you deep down in my pit of my stomach. I remember the first time I met you. …

A Husband's Expression of Love to His Wife on Their Wedding Anniversary 
Dear ________, Wow! Where has the time gone?! I cannot believe that our lives have been interwoven now for 24 years, and we have ____ children to prove …

Our Love Helps Us Get Through the Tough Times 
Dear ________, You are my love! When our relationship is strong and we are like "one", though things around us are restless, unsettling, and causing …

A Young Husband & Father Feels Blessed 
Dear ________, While I'm writing this letter, you are shopping, and I am at home thinking about you: remarking to myself how fortunate and blessed I …

My Heart My Soul The Air I Breathe Not rated yet
My heart, my soul, the air I breathe. Your love is the thing I will always need. Whether we are side by side, or seem to part remember my love, you will …

Why You Are The One Not rated yet
To My Lady Esther, The day that I met you was the day my life was changed forever. I waited all my life to meet a woman like you. As a child I day-dreamed …

to my rose Not rated yet
The sun silently sets on the horizon. There's no more light to see but I still search out following my heart crumbling in my hand like dust. I search and …

DEDICATED TO VICK  Not rated yet
I see more to you than the physical attraction in the human eye I feel far more than the warmth of your tender touch I see something in you which many …

I L O V E Y O U B A B Y A N D I D O N T T H I N K I C O U L D E V E R L I V E W I T H O U T Y O U A N …

you are the one Not rated yet
Sometimes, it feels like life is too much, that I can't cope. But then I remember your face, and that's what helps me get through the bad times. Because …

Separation Not rated yet

Angel on Earth Not rated yet
To my Dear Tina I have experienced a lot in life, good and bad are expected. It's a rare occasion when an angel is placed on the planet as great as …

Newly Engaged Lovenote Not rated yet
Dear ________, This is just a short note to let you know that I love you very much. When I think of all that has happened and how it has made me so …

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