Separate Lives

by Mary
(Oxnard, CA)

I think me and Hubby have grown apart. I recently told him I was leaving and now he is being all LOVEY DOVEY!! Should I just go ahead and leave or give him another chance????

Our Answer:
We think you should go ahead and give yourself and your husband another chance! Your husband’s recent change of heart might be construed as too little too late...and without us knowing anything about your relationship, perhaps it is. However, every marriage can be improved--and yours can too!

Here is our advice:

  1. Get counseling together--it may work wonders if you are both open to change to work on creating the best marriage possible. Both of you have no doubt developed habits and attitudes that are difficult to adjust after being married already for a time.

  2. Read articles TOGETHER about developing intimacy: you both have to become better at knowing your partner, setting out to meet your partner’s needs, and do what is necessary to develop genuine intimacy. When you both invest effort and work on your marriage like this--you will never grow apart again!

  3. Get some of our marriage enrichment resources:

    • We have hundreds of free articles at The Intimate Couple website.

    • Excellent e-Books that would help:

      • The 7-Day Sex Challenge a week-long course that explores the 6 building blocks for every thriving marriage!

      • Intimacy 101: A Primer dare to apply what you learn in Intimacy 101 and deeper communication, more exciting sex, and the most satisfying emotional connection you’ve ever experienced in your marriage will be yours!

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