Q and A:  Sex Advice

This Q and A page lists questions related to sex advice in relationships. Click at the end of each question to read the rest of the question along with our answer.

Is spanking for sexual pleasure okay? 
"I have been married for 20 years and we have been Christians for 19 years. My husband has wanted me to willfully participate in what I would term deviant sex..."  ...more

Is Oral Sex Okay? 
"Is oral sex in a Christian marriage ok?..."  ...more

A Wife Wants More Sex Than Her Husband 
"Why does my husband have such a hard time committing to being intimate with me?..."  ...more

What's Acceptable in the Bedroom
"My wife and I had a disagreement last year about what was acceptable in the bedroom..."  ...more

Question about Scheduled Sex
"As our lives are so scheduled, do you recommend setting dates for a romantic encounter?..."  ...more

Masturbation in Marriage
"Is there any place for masturbation in the marriage relationship?" ...more

Using Romantic Erotic Literature to Heighten Passion
"Recently we have been trying to improve our love making. I found reading romance-erotic books helps me get in the mood. My husband is thrilled ..."  ...more

Is it Okay to Use Sex Toys?
"Is it okay for a Christian to use sex toys during intercourse—toys such as a vibrator, etc.?..."  ...more

Question about Lack of Sexual Confidence
"When my fiance and I are getting ready to be intimate with one another, I get extremely nervous ..."  ...more

Question about Arousing Husband
"Please say how to intimate husband..."  ...more

Question about How to Make Wife "Hot"!
"How do I help make my wife "hot" when having sex ..."  ...more

Question about Masturbating Because Spouse has Low Sex Drive
"My wife and I are Christians ... one has a much lower sex drive than the other. What is your view on masturbation ..."  ...more

How to Talk About Sex with a Woman
"How does a man talk about sex with a woman?"  ...more 

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