The 7-Day Sex Challenge:
A Marriage Course
Like No Other!

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Originally published in February 2007;
now updated in May 2015!

How would you rate your marriage relationship?

  • Wonderful!
  • Good
  • Average
  • Disappointing
  • Struggling

No matter how we rate our relationships, all of us can better achieve a marriage filled with intimacy the way it was designed to be!

Our resource, "The 7-Day Sex Challenge" is a very practical course that will help re-ignite your marriage no matter what rating you've given it! And, whether you're a newlywed or have been married for a long time, the principles outlined in this course will work for you! 

The week-long course is based on the clear teaching from the Bible that many people find surprising (did you know marriage and sex were God’s idea!); these are tested and true ways that really work!

You’ve read the websites offering promises, especially exaggerated promises about sex. Don’t believe the empty hype you read about how following this technique or practicing that trick will give you all the mind-blowing sex you want!

It’s not simply about tricks and techniques: it’s about intimacy! If you and your spouse will focus on developing intimacy—great sex will be a wonderful by-product! The 7-Day Sex Challenge is as much about Intimacy as it is about Sex.

This 7-Day Sex Challenge guide was written for all couples including those who…

  • are disappointed with their sexual relationship
  • may be newlyweds or been married for many years
  • find sex boring
  • feel little “spark” in their marriage
  • are discontent with their "okay" relationship
  • have doubts they are still “in love” with each other
  • may be contemplating divorce
  • have lost hope for their relationship
  • want their good marriage to improve and become "great"!

The Natural Trends in Marriage
For many years, marriage therapists, psychologists, and relationship experts have observed that the natural dynamic of relationship growth follows a Sigmoid Curve. 

All relationships have a great tendency to plateau, often somewhere between the fourth and seventh year of marriages, and then decline. Increased stress in life, development of bad habits, poor choices, and many other reasons can cause a marriage to plateau.

If this tendency is not stopped through deliberate, well-informed decisions, very rapidly the relationship goes from plateau into decline.

When a marriage plateaus or even declines, the couple has to breathe new life into their relationship and make very deliberate choices to reverse the downward tendency.

By taking action (like taking our 7-Day Sex Challenge!) couples are able to create a new phase of growth! The old curve is replaced with another new curve representing new life, vitality, and excitement in the marriage!

Make choices that will deliberately help your marriage! 
This will result in “going up to the next level” in your relationship!

New understanding, renewed interest in sex, replacing old, destructive habits and ways of thinking with deliberate new habits, will all help perpetuate this new phase of growth! 

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What You’ll Learn During Your 7-Day Course...

1 - The Truth about Commitment 

2 - The Truth about Forgiveness

3 - The Truth about Design

4 - The Truth about Vows

5 - The Truth about Rewinding

6 - The Truth about Sex

What others told us about this course...

From a couple married less than 10 years with 4 children... 

"For couples hoping to protect and grow their marriage, Jim and Carrie's "7 Day Challenge" is an awesome tool. They've dispensed a fortune in good advice. Saying our vows and God's design for marriage was especially meaningful to us. We're looking forward to taking the "7" again. We recommend this book to any couple!"

From a couple married less than 2 years... 

"The 'seven day sex challenge' has challenged us and brought us closer together as a couple. As a direct result of this e-book, we have begun to experience levels of intimacy deeper than before - and we didn't think we could be any closer! What a fantastic resource! We are recommending this to our friends!"

From a couple married less than 10 years and with 2 children ... 

"The 7 day challenge was fantastic -- it enabled more open communication about our love-making. We were also much more comfortable experimenting with new and fun 'adventures' :) The attention to detail that my husband had throughout the day and his focus on making me feel loved helped to create greater intimacy in our marriage on so many levels. Thank-you for this opportunity to grow!"

Every Married Couple Can Experience Exciting Sex! 

The 7-Day Sex Challenge book is loaded with proven strategies, tips, and information that allow you to experience success—and bring sizzle into your marriage!

Buy Your 100+ Page Downloadable Course for only $12!

  • That's less than $2 per day for the duration of the Sex Challenge!
  • Why not make this small investment of cash in order to improve the most important relationship of your life!

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Included with the 7-Day Sex Challenge, you'll also receive 9 articles that will help you learn to be a better lover!

  1. The ABC’s of Giving a Full Body Massage
  2. The Art of Foreplay
  3. Locate Her G-Spot and Give Her More Pleasure
  4. How to French Kiss
  5. Orgasm 101 for Women
  6. Is Oral Sex Okay?
  7. Christian Views on Sex: What's Okay?
  8. Love-Talk: the Art of Intimate Conversation
  9. Women: Have You Lost Interest in Sex?

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