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Should Christian couples, together or alone, look at or solicit sex position books to help each other enhance new ways of sex techniques? I don't go for the extreme books, just the tastefully photographed or well written stuff by accurate photos & writers.

Also books about women and sex, like the g-spot I wanna know so I know what I am doing down there so I can help my wife have great orgasms.

I research them alone as a christian male and husband to try later to surprise my wife what I learned in these. Is it bad if I need a visual research to practice with or is this okay for self help purposes? I am actually spiritually mature enough without letting the visuals become a problem later.

I just get info from books like this for research and understanding women and intimacy. Some of the books I might say are beautifully shot for couples & hoping to share with my wife if she's open to some of these techniques but I normally do it for my own research to keep her guessing what it is that I'm doing when I we are intimate so she doesn't know that I know what I know with a little help but you get the idea.

As long as they are not on the borderline of pornography, is it okay to get visual ideas and buy them for research to try at home while still connecting what the bible views about sex?

Our Answer:
Please! Be careful!

You are treading on very thin ice here, my friend. Jesus warned us not to look at a woman other than your wife and lust after her (see Matthew 5:28). For men, this is impossible not to do while looking at erotic literature--research or not--and a man's spiritual maturity has nothing to do with it: we are talking about automatic physiological responses to visual stimuli! You need to refrain from viewing erotic images, for any reason.

There are alternatives, when looking for sex position information. Check out this site that uses wooden figurines to illustrate positions for sex: Sex Positions.

In terms of tips for sex techniques, we have many informative articles on our site that you might share with your wife. If at all possible, have your wife read the articles with you so that you have a "safe" forum to discuss things that might be difficult to just bring up in conversation. Try these articles:

Hope all of this really helps!


Jim and Carrie

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