Q and A: Sex Problems

This Q and A page lists questions related to sex problems. Click at the end of each question to read the rest of the question along with our answer.

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A Wife is Uncomfortable with Her Husband's Interest in Spanking During Sexual Foreplay
"I've been married for 20 years... my husband has wanted me to participate in what I would term "deviant sex"..." ...more

A Wife Wants More Sex Than Her Husband
"Why does my husband have such a hard time committing to being intimate with me?..." ...more

What's Acceptable in the Bedroom
"My wife and I had a disagreement last year about what was acceptable in the bedroom..." ...more

Question about Scheduled Sex
"As our lives are so scheduled, do you recommend setting dates for a romantic encounter?..." ...more

Question about Stimulating Her G-Spot
"I've found my wife's g-spot: she says I hit it during intercourse, but then..." ...more

Question about Dry and Painful Sex
"It is starting to hurt when I have sex..." ...more

Question about Kissing No Longer a Turn-On
"I used to get turned on with just kissing but now I don't anymore..." ...more

Question about Husband Too Tired for Sex
"My husband and I used to get together 3 times a week, and now for quite a while, his work is ..." ...more

Husband Wants Advice to Prevent Early Ejaculation
"My problem is I never feel satisfaction due to early discharge ..." ...more

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