Q and A: Sex Problems

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A Wife is Uncomfortable with Her Husband's Interest in Spanking During Sexual Foreplay
"I've been married for 20 years... my husband has wanted me to participate in what I would term "deviant sex"..." ...more

A Wife Wants More Sex Than Her Husband
"Why does my husband have such a hard time committing to being intimate with me?..." ...more

What's Acceptable in the Bedroom
"My wife and I had a disagreement last year about what was acceptable in the bedroom..." ...more

Question about Scheduled Sex
"As our lives are so scheduled, do you recommend setting dates for a romantic encounter?..." ...more

Question about Stimulating Her G-Spot
"I've found my wife's g-spot: she says I hit it during intercourse, but then..." ...more

Question about Dry and Painful Sex
"It is starting to hurt when I have sex..." ...more

Question about Kissing No Longer a Turn-On
"I used to get turned on with just kissing but now I don't anymore..." ...more

Question about Husband Too Tired for Sex
"My husband and I used to get together 3 times a week, and now for quite a while, his work is ..." ...more

Husband Wants Advice to Prevent Early Ejaculation
"My problem is I never feel satisfaction due to early discharge ..." ...more

Questions Other Visitors Have Asked

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Wife never wants to have sex 
Question: I've been married for just under one year now and my wife never seems to want to have sex. Everyone I talk to says that they have (or had) …

Vaginismus - Unconsummated marriage fear 
I was diagnosed with Vaginismus four months ago. I am on a waiting list for psychosexual counselling. I am due to be married in just over three weeks' …

I Have No Interest in Sex 
I'm 43 and have been married for almost 8 years ... have been with my husband for 13 years. I love him, but yet I have absolutely no interest in having …

Wife Avoids Sex 
How do I stop getting so angry at my wife because she seems to be always dragging her feet when it comes to sex? Our Answer: Your question is short …

unconsummated marriage 
Question: Hi. It’s a year since we’ve been married... but still we had no penetration... I’ve some questions. How long does a penis stay erect? …

Pain During Sex Not rated yet
Question: My husband and I only have sex once or twice a week. Every time we have sex, he likes to insert his finger inside my vagina and touch my …

Erectile Dysfunction Not rated yet
Question: My husband and I have a wonderful relationship, but in the bedroom is where it’s lacking. He says that he actually has a problem with arousal. …

Turned off of intimacy after birth of child? Not rated yet
Question: I am a man that helped assist in the birth of our child (with girlfriend). Soon after, I became turned off to the idea of future intimacy …

Delayed ejaculation and reduced volume Not rated yet
Question: Hi, I am a 28 year old man recently married. My wife and I have not had a great amount of sex due to time and other constraints. However, …

sex Not rated yet
Question: I can't seem to keep my husband aroused and hard during foreplay and sex. What am I doing wrong? Our Answer: You're probably not doing …

Is there such a thing as good Christian sex? Not rated yet
Question (some explicit details have been omitted): I was on anti depressants for about the last 10 years, partly because of threats against my life …

Intimacy issues  Not rated yet
Problems with verbally abusive and very controlling father and transferred that issue to her husband after married. The husband was not that way and had …

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