Sex Time

by Kuldeep

My time while intercourse is very low. I ejaculate early within 4-5 shots. Please help me?

Our Answer:
We’d like to share three thoughts with you:

#1: You need to practice extending your time of foreplay (kissing, stroking, caressing your wife). But why not start trying while you’re still wearing your clothes! When you’re focusing on pleasing your wife sexually--and you keep your clothes on!--you should be able to extend the time of lovemaking.

#2: The idea of sex is to have fun--and to focus on pleasing your wife. That’s it! Don’t be so uptight about premature ejaculation--don’t stress about it! Being worried will only make it worse: instead, focus on having fun and pleasing your wife!

#3: We’re not meaning to be insensitive here, but premature ejaculation is not the end of the world--because your goal is to make your wife happy! If you climax too soon, then just take a bit of a break, and start making love to your wife again! Remember, bringing your wife to climax is your goal... if on the way to accomplishing your goal you happen to orgasm 2 or 3 or 4 times.... well... great!


Jim and Carrie

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