My wife enjoys me licking her a**. Is this normal?

Our Answer:
The skin surrounding the anus is quite sensitive, and as a result any sort of oral stimulation could result in pleasant, exciting sensations for your wife. The issue, of course, is cleanliness! Make sure your wife showers and pays close attention to the area in question!

It is possible to provide oral sex for your wife and “tease” her by coming close to the anus, without spending a lot of time actually touching it with your tongue.

You could also try just stroking the skin gently with your fingers. Again, cleanliness is key! Be sure to avoid contaminating the vagina.

We suggest you and your wife read the article Christian Views on Sex which considers what the Bible says about different sexual practices--both expressly and implied. You may be surprised top find the latitude God has given us in the bedroom--provided our motive is to love our spouse, and we follow His commands and the 5 Scriptural principles of relationships this article mentions.

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