by Erika
(Memphis, TN)

How do I get my husband aroused?

Our Answer:
Dear Erica,

Without having much information about the specifics of your situation, here are a few comments.

Some men find arousal to be difficult because of medical issues; if this is the case with your husband, then consult your doctor right away for some advice and treatment.

Otherwise, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Men are aroused visually, primarily. Dress in something frilly, flimsy, and flattering. :)

  2. Be confident, sexually. Most women need help in this area! We strongly suggest women read the book: The Sexually Confident Wife, by Shannon Ethridge.

  3. Take initiative, and take the lead. It’s totally okay for you to be the leader in the bedroom having sex once and a while!

  4. Call him at work, or put a note in his lunch...letting him know what you’re going to do with him when he gets home!

  5. Ask him what he would like sexually... and if you can, accommodate his desire!

  6. Buy the Seven Day Sex Challenge eBook. It is a marriage enrichment course to do at home with your husband. It is filled with great suggestions that will spice up your sex life , and more importantly will enrich the entire area of intimacy in your marriage! Check out: 7-Day Sex Challenge Course

    For a more thorough examination of your question, read the following article from the Intimate Couple site: How Do I Arouse My Husband?


    Jim and Carrie

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