by John
(Houston )

Question: My wife rarely, if ever, let's me touch her vagina. I am so turned on by her and I am just wanting to please and satisfy her, but she says she has no sex drive. I would think it would still feel pretty good, what do I do?

Our Answer: Practically speaking, it doesn’t matter what you think--it matters what your wife thinks! So you want to read great, Christian material on sexuality together. Your wife’s response to you is a result of attitudes and ways of thinking that need adjustment from God’s word!

Sexual Confidence for Women is an article written by a woman for women! Carrie addresses the fact that sex was God’s idea for both husbands and wives--not just for men!

Read a recent blog post Carrie wrote about the motivation for having sex. It’s crucial that we remind ourselves that sex is an important way for husbands and wives who love one another to express their love!

No Interest in Sex? This article explores reasons why sexual drives diminish or disappear. This is an excellent way to talk together about long-standing issues that need resolution. As well, it suggests practical, effective ways to get your sex-life back on track.

Women typically need a lot of foreplay in order for arousal to begin. Why not experiment with a good time of foreplay without touching her vagina? Be sure to include plenty of passionate kissing! Try to continue the foreplay for at least 15 to 20 minutes. A serious time of foreplay may help your wife become aroused and be more open to sexual touching.

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