Sleeping (not sex)

Question: Is sleeping in the same bed with my girlfriend okay?? Because we're both Christians, her parents will be able to make sure we don't do anything. I want her parents to trust me, and I definitely want to wait for marriage to have sex. I just want to be very close with her.

Our Answer: If you want her parents to trust you, don't sleep in the same bed as her! Don't do anything that violates your conscience or that of your girlfriend. You want to enjoy a guilt-free relationship! Read the following answers to questions that other couples have asked:

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It's understandable that you want to be close with your girlfriend, but don't put yourselves in a situation that will become a temptation. Restraint during dating and courtship proves and demonstrates the character necessary for marriage! Why not read our article about Song of Solomon chapter 1?

A healthy loving marriage relationship is worth the effort of holding yourself back from anything that even hints of sexual immorality. Later, in marriage, the rewards of restraining yourselves will have been worth it all!

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