Spanking as Foreplay

by Bob
(St Louis)

Question: I am aroused quickly by being spanked by my wife or by spanking her. Early in our marriage she was OK with that but then decided that it was wrong. Since reaching age 55, I find it hard to become sexually aroused. Is light spanking wrong?

Our Answer: There is nothing wrong with light spanking--the bigger question has to do with “why spanking?” If there are reasons from a dysfunctional or abusive past, then dealing with deeper issues is needed. If it is more along the line of, “Why do some people enjoy eating liver?” (I’d rather be spanked), then it’s probably OK.

We’ve had others ask questions about spanking--and so we’d suggest you read a detailed explanation that you’ll obviously relate to. It is a long question--and longer answer, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! Check out: Spanking for Sexual Pleasure.

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