Tips on Stimulating Her G Spot

Question: [ stimulating her g spot ]
I've found my wife's g-spot. She says I hit it during intercourse, but then I move and lose it so what am I doing wrong?

From your question, we are assuming that though you are able to locate your wife's g-spot, you lose the location during intercourse.

Perhaps you need to experiment with other positions. Some couples find that G-spot stimulation occurs best when the wife is on top, seated on her husband with her knees bent, facing away from him as he lays on his back during intercourse. A similar type of entry is using the "doggy-style" position. In this position, the wife is on her hands and knees while her husband enters her from behind.

For many couples though, manual stimulation works best. The husband uses his finger or a vibrator to stimulate the g-spot. Unless you can find the best position for you and your wife that lends itself to g-spot orgasm, do the manual stimulation.

We wish you all the best as you endeavor bringing more pleasure to your wife!

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