Troubled Marriage

Question: How do we get back to where we used to be?

Our Answer: The answer is simpler than you might imagine: assume the attitudes, perspectives, and habits you used to experience when you were engaged and newly married!

This “rewinding” as we like to call it--the process of going back and doing what you used to do--sounds easy, except for all of the unfortunate “stuff” that has happened since the beginning that has brought stress into your relationship. This is why there are other key components necessary to get your relationship back on track:

Key #1 - Commitment
It is this value that sets marriage apart from every other relationship. Co-habiting, casual sex, and every other sexual relationship will never provide the intimacy, sexual satisfaction, and joy that are possible from marriage.

Key #2 - Forgiveness
Forgiveness in a marriage sets the offender free from the mistakes and sins of the past, and the offended from the bitterness that will kill any marriage.

Key #3 - Design
Men and women are different—any arguments there?! Discovering God’s design for men and women will surprise—and excite you! By discovering and acknowledging God’s design for their marriages, couples will find new meaning, and reach new levels of intimacy.

Key #4 - Vows
Husbands and wives need to go back and rehearse their vows to each other! These life-long marriage promises are powerful as couples are reminded of the necessity to be constantly affirming their previous decisions!

Key #5 - Rewinding
Rewinding is going back and doing what you used to do when you were madly in love! It’s time to go back—and rewind the clock!

Key #6 - Sex
Unlocking your dream marriage requires practicing new things! Couples need to learn practical insights on how to add spice to sex! Foreplay, orgasms, and a list of romantic suggestions from our website is only the beginning...

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