Unwinding After a Busy Day

by Ellie

How do I unwind after a hectic day? (This was submitted as an entry to our Valentine's 2010 Contest. We're guessing Ellie is too exhausted to think about how to celebrate Valentine's Day!)

Our Answer:
First, we're going to make some assumptions as we answer your question:

  • we're assuming your husband is at home
  • and you have some time without children or others to interrupt.
  1. Lay down on the couch and take your shoes off so your husband can give you a well-needed foot massage. Firm, but gentle! 5 minutes...

  2. During this 5 minute foot massage, talk about everything that happened during your hectic day. Yes, you only have 5 minutes, but do your best to unload the main things swirling around your mind!

  3. After this it's time for a full-body massage! This time... talk as little as possible so you can focus your attention on how you feel while your husband is working over your tight muscles for 10 minutes. (Yes--only 10 minutes!)

  4. Now it's time to sit in your most comfortable chair--or back on your sofa--so that your husband can give you your favourite drink. At this point, you need to converse some more and tell your husband everything that comes to mind!... 10 minutes

It's only been about 25 minutes...but much of the stress will be gone by this point. Stress build-up is part physical and part emotional. Conversation and massage will do wonders!

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Feb 10, 2010
Relaxation Anytime!
by: Carrie

Don't wait until your spouse has had a hectic day to offer a special massage. Make it a regular expression of love and care.

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