Watching our marriage relationship ending...

by dixieann holder-thomas
(st joseph)

Question: My husband and I are not getting along. We are only married for a year and five months. Help me please ‘cause I’m watching our relationship ending.

Our Answer: Obviously we don’t know anything about your relationship, so specific advice is not possible. Generally, this is what we’d suggest:

  1. Join a church with couples your age (if you haven’t already done so). You need to find a community of Christians to encourage you both.

  2. Tell your husband you want your marriage to become Your Dream Marriage! Begin pursuing intimacy--sexual, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. Do that by reading articles on this site (there are hundreds of helpful articles for free!)

  3. Understand that the sexual dimension of your marriage is likely extremely important to your husband--and is the vehicle whereby your husband connects with you emotionally. Your connection emotionally may come from conversation and feeling cherished and loved. Ask yourself--and your husband--if his sexual needs are being met. Then talk together about whether your needs are being met. This may be the beginning of turning things around. The key of course, is that each of you are focusing on meeting the needs of your spouse! When needs are met, the marriage begins working!

May we also suggest you and your husband commit to a 7 day, in-house marriage course. It is excellent! Check out: 7-Day Sex Challenge Course.

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