Wedding Anniversary Traditions

wedding anniversary traditions

Guess where we were tonight?! (May 23, 2008) We were participating in some wedding anniversary traditions with our new friends, Pat and Barb! Pat and Barb celebrated 20 years of marriage this evening! It was the first ever “renewal of vows” marriage ceremony that Jim officiated at. Pat and Barb recommitted themselves to one another for a lifetime of faithfulness and love. (I wiped my tears as I listened to the touching vows that Pat and Barb spoke to one another.) It was an honour to play a part in such a significant and memorable occasion.

Some unique wedding anniversary traditions Pat and Barb included in their renewal of vows celebration were...

  • Pat and Barb exchanged rings. Pat gave Barb a toe ring, and Barb gave Pat an earring!
  • Pat and Barb's older son, Billy, was the Best Man and their younger son, Ricky, walked his mom down the aisle and carried the rings for them.
  • Guests at their party received personalized angel figurines handmade by Barb's sister.
  • Music for the evening included the wedding songs of Pat and Barb's family members. What a wonderful way to highlight the successful marriages of others!

It was so inspiring to watch our friends renew their promises to love each other for a lifetime--no matter what may come their way, good or bad. I’m hoping that Jim and I will have the opportunity to do the same thing in a few years… perhaps on the occasion of our 30th anniversary!

After Pat and Barb said their “I do’s” … again!, Jim shared just two important thoughts with them:

  1. Expect that your marriage can get even better than it is now! The way to improve your relationship is to intentionally develop emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and sexual intimacy.
  2. Having successfully made your marriage work for 20 years, you have joined an elite group of couples! Now look for ways to invest in the lives of young couples and encourage those whose marriages are struggling. Perhaps you could reflect back on 20 years and write a booklet to pass on your life lessons to others!

Wedding anniversary traditions are continual reminders to us about the importance of our marriage vows. Anniversaries are not only times when we focus on the love we have for our spouse, but are also times when we are challenged to renew and deepen the love we have for them!

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