when can you tell when it's over

When can you tell when it's over? Why has she been not interested in us anymore?

Our Answer:
Are you married? If so, don't ever consider it over!

Unfortunately, given the small amount of information, we can't form an intelligent comment in response except to say that you should attend counseling together to save your relationship. There are a lot of reasons why she may not be interested in you and the relationship including:

  • unmet needs

  • interested in someone else

  • hurts

  • not feeling cherished and loved

  • bitterness from past disappointments

A counselor would be able to help the two of you talk through issues that may have influenced your girlfriend/wife's feeling for you.


Jim and Carrie

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Jan 17, 2011
Be prepared
by: Mary

I had ended it with my fiance, and thanks to this site, I wish I had seen it before I engaged into sexual activity but God's grace is GOOD and I am forgiven and I can now walk clean of my poor choices...

I had broken off the engagement of my exfiance due to many things. I had found myself in a crisis single mom of three sons, and here I was engaged to be married to a man who I had poured out my heart to for three days about the crisis I was in, and he told me he would fight his own battles as I fought mine... Not once did he offer to pray or give me bible verses to encourage nor did he offer any future financial help in case I needed extra if I had to move to a shelter. He told me he would need another year to save up money before he would permanently move to be with me if I move into a shelter.

What really broke my heart was while I was going through this crisis, he had a planned trip with his father to go on a cruise to to Miami Florida in a few weeks to drink gamble eat etc while knowing me and my sons were in a crisis...

The good news is once I ended it with him in a week the crisis I had was gone.... God granted me the help I needed from others and I was given an AWESOME blessing to be moved into a brand new house with land in about 8 months or so.

Realizing this, God's hand was in this break up. God has something better for me then a man who I gave my all to and in the end that man could not live up to what God called a man to be to a woman that belongs to God.

No one has to be rich but stable and each person needs to take the time with God/Jesus/HolySpirit to fill up on who they are in Christ and what they are required of when entering in a relationship pointing towards marriage and family. If you don't know it and are not prepared believe me one is asking for disaster later on.

I strongly suggest each person who wants to get married one day go to God first and ask His will be done in your life and seek out what your role is to a future partner and then ask for a partner you will be equally yoked to. Be prepared so you will have something to offer... don't show up to the table empty handed.

Be blessed.

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