Where Can I Find Song of Solomon Bible Studies?

I enjoyed your first 2 sections on the Song of Solomon. I am trying to find that same kind of thing for the rest of the book. Do you have sections on that yet or can you point me in the direction of some references? I can only seem to find interpretations re: how the book is a metaphor for the relationship for God and the church, or very literally that they were discussing real things like gardens and animals :~/ ... Nothing on how it relates to sexual acts in marriage. Thanks!

Our Answer:
Thanks for your interest in our Song of Solomon articles. We are definitely planning to work through the entire book but lack of time is holding us back. (We are only able to work on our website part-time.)

We attended a Song of Solomon Conference that inspired us to write the two articles about Song of Solomon that we've written so far. Perhaps you'd find the conference valuable for yourself! Visit these sites to find out whether this conference is coming to your area in the future or if other resources are available.

Song of Solomon Conference

In the meantime, we will try to write more articles in our Song of Solomon Bible Study series. Thanks for your patience!

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